Chas Groovy

Chas Groovy does not claim to have been born in a cross fire hurricane or even under a bad sign as his earliest musical recollection is of a Junior School playground argument where he tried to persuade his friends that Cliff was better than Elvis. Growing up during the golden era of pop (the sixties) his teenage years found Chas becoming excited by the hard rock of the likes of Deep Purple only to leave them behind upon discovering Van Der Graaf Generator (whom he still loves). Chas plays a 1966 Fender Precision which attracts lots of interest from people who like that sort of thing and he enjoys singing lead vocals to a wide variety of songs. Although Chas admits to being of mature years his heart still beats like a 16 year old and during intense performances his knees have been known to wobble in a mysterious yet sexy way.


Besides playing the guitar Barty is a part-time actor. Specialising in amputee roles, Bart’s stumps featured heavily in “Saving Private Ryan”


Chuck likes eggs and is fluent in flatulence.

Dr Love

Throbbing and pounding behind the drum kit, the good Dr has the youngest member of the band. Not the biggest though because as we all know that honour belongs to …….error on page……..